(Apologies for the rather sparse appearance of these pages at the moment. The website was recently hacked and "malware" embedded in the code which caused some search-engines (e.g. Google) to flag the website as an "attack-site". We are going through all the files in an effort to remove the offending code but the attack has resulted in the loss of quite a bit of material, including all the information on club activities in the past.) 


  Let us know if you're planning an event!

  Feel like flying somewhere on the weekend but don't want to go by yourself? How about a group trip to Moruya, for example? We haven't done that for years! (It's about two hours there and two hours back, so maybe make it an overnight stay and return the next day?)   

  Alternatively, how about a flight to Goulburn and return, easily done in a day if the weather is kind.  Or, fly to Jaspers Brush on the weekend, drink all their tea and eat all their biscuits for a very nominal cost...and who knows what else? It's really up to you qualified pilots to organise what you want, but if you let Ned know then he can stick a notice on this web-page to help spread the word.

  On the subject of social events, don't forget "The Illawarra Flyers" host a barbeque every Friday afternoon starting at 5pm in Steve Green's hangar. Each evening usually has a guest-speaker or some sort of presentation so it makes for an interesting couple of hours.  Bring some small change for a sausage sandwich and a soft-drink and meet the locals. Membership is free and open to all microlight pilots who operate at Wollongong and the surrounding area.

Perhaps you would like to host a fly-in at your local airstrip or maybe you just want to meet up with other other pilots like yourself and tell all those flying stories that have been boring your wife or long-suffering family senseless for years...if so, let us spread the word.

Please, let us know!

For more information about the Sydney Microlight Club, contact Ned 0428 420310 or Tony 0418 574068


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