Gift Vouchers


  Want to buy someone a trial instructional flight in a microlight but not sure when they will be available for the flight? Perhaps you're thinking of a flight for someone's birthday, or to celebrate something like an anniversary, finishing university or any other special occasion. Why not buy them a gift-voucher which they can use to book a flight at a convenient time? Cost is $220 for a 36-40 minute (approx) flight. Please send cheques or money orders for this address:-

Sydney Microlight Centre Pty Ltd,

P.O. Box 2028


   together with your name, address, phone number and the name and address details of the person or persons to whom the gift-voucher is to be sent. We usually despatch it within two to three working days of receipt (unless we're away flying, in which case it may take a day or so longer!) Also note we do not currently have facilities for credit-card processing. If you prefer, you can call in at the airport (by appointment) and collect one for cash.

Alternatively, you can ring on the mobile number to discuss your gift-voucher requirements. Our mobile number is 0428 420310. (If it diverts to messagebank, we're probably out flying so leave a message and we'll get right back to you.)

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