Pilot Weather Briefings

Handy links to Weather Websites and pages



Latest Synoptic Analysis Chart


Prognosis Chart - 00 UTC








Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney Weather
Time lapse satelite images with narrative description of weather for the state plus 3 day forecasts. Links to weather pages for other capital cities





NSW and ACT Forecasts
Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for regions in NSW and ACT. For Wollongong area, select "District Forecast - South East".

The BoM now has a comprehensive aviation weather service with forecasts using the new Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) format, and the Grid Point Wind Temperature charts (GPWT). There is a lot of information in these but you have to do a bit of digging to get it all in a form you can use. (If you use the NAIPS Area Forecast you get the same information as from the BoM website.)





Weather Radar
Sunny in Sydney but pouring with rain at Albion Park? Wouldn't be the first time. Check out current rainfall using the Bureau of Meteorology's Weather Radar page. Radar images are updated every 10 minutes. (Very useful for all pilots, not just microlight pilots).


James Cook Uni - Global Satellite Images
Updated global weather radar images, plus movie version

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