Trial Instructional (Tandem) Flights.

  Trial Instructional Flights (TIFs) give everyone a chance to see for themselves just how much fun it is to fly one of these aircraft.

  Flights last about 45-48 minutes and cost $220 (including GST). We'll provide helmets, headset and intercom. We suggest you wear appropriate shoes as your feet may get a little chilly if you wear sandals or thongs. Bring a warm jacket and gloves, in case the day turns cold. This is especially so in Winter, and the trike is an open-cockpit aircraft.

  We usually fly out over Lake Illawarra, down the coast past all the fantastic beaches towards Kiama then back through the Jamberoo Valley if conditions and time allow. Alternatively, out to the coast and then northwards following the beaches, towards Wollongong and return. Either way, it's a flight to remember for both the scenery as well as how easy the microlight is to fly. Depending on the time of year, you may see whales, pods of dolphins, schools of fish, yachts racing on Lake Illawarra, you might even spot a shark in the shallows near the beaches! The scenery of the Illawarra is world-renowned, and once you see it from the air you'll appreciate why. There is no better aircraft for sightseeing than the microlight.

  Prior to your flight, your instructor will brief you on how the microlight is steered with the dual-controls. During the flight, you can try your hand at flying and see for yourself just how easy flying a microlight aircraft really is. Your TIF will be done from the rear seat using our dual controls. Your temporary student membership of the HGFA (included in the fee) allows for up to 3 hours of dual instruction. If you decided to take up training after your TIF, all further instruction is done with you in the front seat.

  If sightseeing is your goal, bring a camera (and make sure it can be secured somehow so it can't get lost overboard if you drop it!) and get ready for the snaps of a lifetime. You can concentrate on taking all the photos you can get, and still have a go on the controls if you feel like it.

  If you want more details of how to go on and achieve a Weightshift Microlight Pilot's Certificate, just ask your instructor for more information on prices, training, textbooks and so on.

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